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Dying Light: The Following - Enhanced Edition

Open World



Dying Light: The Following - Enhanced Edition takes parkour-fueled zombie survival to a whole new level. Enjoy the definitive Dying Light experience with the brand-new Legend system, improved visuals, major gameplay enhancements, and more.

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Edition Includes

Dying Light Game Enhanced

Engage in a first-person, action survival experience set in a vast open world

Dying Light: The Following

Discover an untold chapter of Kyle Crane’s story thanks to this massive expansion

Season Pass

Enjoy all DLCs, including Cuisine & Cargo, Ultimate Survivor Bundle, and The Bozak Horde

"Be the Zombie" Mode

Become a Night Hunter and fight other players

Complete Experience

A Year’s Worth of Bonus Content

Vast Open World

Traverse an extensive world plunged into chaos and destruction. In this diverse environment, you’ll fight for survival against numerous kinds of enemies since the infected are not the only threat: facing down other desperate humans is often the only way to get precious supplies.

Night Changes the Rules

In daylight you explore the city searching for supplies and weapons. After nightfall, though, this infected world undergoes a dramatic transformation that gives the gameplay a new dimension. You, a hunter by day, become prey. The infected grow in strength, but something even more sinister looms in the darkness to begin its hunt.

Parkour Style Movement

Whether you hunt or escape the hunters, you can move around the city with ease and speed. Jump between rooftops, climb walls, and attack your foes from above. Dying Light gives players a freedom of movement never seen in open world games before.

4-Player Co-Op

Cooperate with other players in the extreme conditions of a zombie apocalypse. Show your individuality and customize your character with dozens of unique outfits.

Asymmetric Multiplayer

Your game can be invaded by the Night Hunter, a human-controlled, extremely powerful enemy. Join forces with other players to repel the invasion or go one-on-one with Harran’s worst nightmare. Available also in Dying Light: The Following.

Enhanced version of Dying Light

Dying Light is now bigger, better and scarier than ever before. Enjoy the ultimate zombie experience as you scavenge for supplies, craft weapons, and do anything you can to survive in a city ravaged by the zombie virus.

Expanded with Dying Light: The Following
Discover the untold chapter of Kyle Crane’s story thanks to this massive expansion. Leave the quarantine zone and investigate a mysterious faith that has asserted itself in the seemingly serene countryside – a region bigger than all areas of the Dying Light combined!

Drive to survive
Dying Light: The Following introduces the drivable dirt buggy that you can freely customize and upgrade with special weapons, attachments and decals to create your deadliest weapon yet.

A year's worth of bonus content
Get all the additional content released for Dying Light throughout the first year of support, including the Be the Zombie multiplayer mode, the Cuisine & Cargo challenge missions, the Ultimate Survivor Bundle, The Bozak Horde game mode, and much more.

Enhancements list:
Legend System · Nightmare Difficulty · Bounties System · New Parkour Moves · New Enemy Attacks and Behaviors · #DrinkForDLC Content · New NPC Models · Enhanced Facial Expressions · Improved Human Enemy AI · Improved Volatile AI · Greater Firearm Variety · HUD and Video Filter Customizations · Audio Upgrades · Gameplay Quality Improvements · Console Performance Upgrades · Overall Game Look and Feel Improvements

Windows, Mac OSX, Linux


Publisher / Developer:
Techland / Techland

Official release date:
February 9, 2016

In-game Languages:
Português do Brasil, Deutsch, English, español, français, italiano, polski. Text only: nederlands, русский

PEGI Rating: 18+ (with Bad Language, Violence, Online gameplay)

System requirements



Intel® Core™ i5-2500 @3.3 GHz / AMD FX-8320 @3.5 GHz




40 GB available space


NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 560 / AMD Radeon™ HD 6870 (1GB VRAM)


Version 11


DirectX® compatible sound card

Operating system

Windows 7/8/8.1 (64 bit)



Intel® Core™ i5-4670K @3.4 GHz / AMD FX-8350 @4.0 GHz




40 GB available space


NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 780 / AMD Radeon™ R9 290 (2GB VRAM)


Version 11


DirectX® compatible sound card

Operating system

Windows 7/8/8.1 (64 bit)

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